Solid Waste Operator Training:

Mark Hart has trained and certified hundreds of Solid Waste and Recycling Facility Operators and Spotters in Florida according to FDEP requirements. Training can be conducted at your facility, or at a location convenient to you. Training sessions can be combined to include refresher training and initial training, and can be scheduled seven days a week. Spotter Training is conducted in English or Spanish.

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Custom Training Solutions

Training can be developed to meet your needs. Based on our years of experience, a custom made training program can be developed after a brief study of your current situation and goals. Click on the image at left to take a look at a presentation developed to address driver safety and hazardous waste identification for a client in Florida.

Trash Talking

Go get the salt. I'll wait right here.
My pride didn't get in the way of the right action on that cold morning. I followed the instructions that the shop steward bellowed at me without a second thought.
Before I set the alarm clock the night before, I knew there would be ice around all of the entrances that morning...