Project Description: Recycling Opportunities, Puerto Rico

Training Consultants, Inc. conducted an audit of all waste materials generated by the restaurant chain in order to identify opportunities for reduction in landfill disposal. Recycling options were evaluated and transportation alternatives were studied to determine the best strategies to reduce cost and improve the restaurant's environmental sustainability. Existing logistic capabilities were considered as well in order to capitalize on client strengths and provide opportunities for current workers to expand their capabilities. In addition, industry, academic and governmental resources were consulted for input in order to devise the optimal plan to reduce waste and generate revenues from the sale of recycled materials.

Trash Talking

Puerto Rico Me Encanta!
As a reward for all our hard work in Puerto Rico evaluating our client's environmental performance, Jeff Schleider and I treated ourselves to a visit to El Yunque National Park. Truly an amazing place. It was a last minute decision I am so glad we made. What a perfect ending to a very successful trip. Hopefully the first of many.